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Monday, May 16, 2011

Privacy policy is a legal document that expresses several provisions or how to use something. Although no universal guidelines for the content of specific privacy policy, a number of the person or organization to provide specific privacy policy on goods or services offered.

So it is with the provision or how to use this template. I as the owner of a template to provide a privacy policy that you should cherish and respect. For me as a maker feels comfortable. Likewise with you, who can use this template without any problems in future.

Terms of Use

First, you are not permitted to sell this template to others, without my knowledge. Selling this template to another person or a third party, means a violation of copyright. For that, you will be responsible for those actions.

Second, you are not permitted to remove the credit link at the bottom section of this template. remove or replace the credit link, as did not appreciate my efforts and hard work to make this template. if you still do it, then it is also included in the offense of copyright.

Third, after you see a live demo of this template, you are required to leave a comment, either an input or criticism you to the template. this is very useful for me to do the development and manufacture of the template that much better in the future.

Contacts and Information

If you have questions about this template, or maybe you want to provide input, please contact me directly through my official contact address. Answers to questions and feedback, I will reply directly to your email address. Here's my personal email address which you can call : mail [at] herdiansyah.net and mail [at] borneotemplates.com. Or you can also visit my personal website at www.herdiansyah.net and www.borneotemplates.com.
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